NZ National Army Museum

ANZAC Day service: April 25th

Anne here…

Many New Zealanders go to an ANZAC day celebration at dawn but after over three weeks of fairly continuous touring, we could only manage the 11am service. Plus we had to pack up and leave the ski holiday house in Ohakune.

ANZAC Day is very similar to our Remembrance Sunday. New Zealanders and Australians remember and celebrate their service personnel, past and present. We were very fortunate to be able to attend a service in the NZ National Army Museum in Waiouru.

ANZAC Day Parade

ANZAC Day Parade

The service was very moving and organised with typical army efficiency. Other than the veterans who were so pleased to see each other, that the drill sergeant major had trouble keeping them in formation. They knew that they were exempt from army discipline!

The museum is fantastic and really worth a visit. There was plenty to keep the kids interested, and the adults as well. We only had a short time in the museum. I would happily go back. But it was a very moving place to watch an ANZAC service.

Now back to Chris and Belinda’s house near Wellington for a few days of relaxation (and to catch up on the laundry).