Reached Rotorua

Paul here…

Lack of free time and poor WiFi access means that we’re miles behind with our posts. Sorry about that 🙂

We’ve just reached Rotorua after spending a great few days with our relatives in Havelock North.

Havelock North was totally different to what we were expecting. It was warmer, greener, more mountainous, and much more interesting than we thought it would be. It was also quiet, very quiet!

After HN we drove up to Taupo. This was an amazing drive, through mountains, forests and generally great scenery.

We only spent a day in Taupo but explored some of the main sites including Craters of the Moon, which is a walk through a geothermal landscape. We also explored a geothermal power station which was really interesting. Lake Taupo is very beautiful. We could have spent a week or two in the area easily.

We have nice weather in Rotorua and the scenery is stunning. We intend to do some of the more touristy things tomorrow.

Hopefully more updates soon.