Rugby World Cup Sculpture, Wellington

Meeting our distant cousins

Anne here . . . Saturday 12th April.

Maori Canoes, Wellington

Maori Canoes

Once again a completely different day. We met up with distant cousins, Chris, Belinda, Amelia and Ben. We had the best welcome ever, even though we had not met before.

We all went off to the Museum of Wellington City and Sea – a really interesting introduction to some of the history of Wellington. Already I am finding Wellington a very relaxed and comfortable city to be in. The Lagoon area by the waterfront is a fantastic area, lots of people enjoying themselves e.g. a temporary ice rink (we didn’t skate!). We were spotting giant, decorated eggs which have been distributed around the city for fun and as a way of raising money for charity.

Windy Wellington? It did live up to its nickname a little but so far no more than anywhere else.