Breaker Bay, Wellington

Our last full day in Wellington

Anne here . . .

Te Papa museum, The national museum of New Zealand. Everyone was quite right: Te Papa is a fascinating insight into the life, history, culture and wildlife of New Zealand. But I have found all the NZ museums that we have visited so far really excellent with innovative and interesting ways of displaying their collections and keeping the interest of their visitors.

Also to repeat one of my previous comments: I love New Zealand hospitality. Everyone we have met, without exception, is so friendly and welcoming.

Lunch in the Chocolate Fish cafe in Shelley Bay. The four of us ordered the following sandwiches: crayfish, scallop, whitebait and Paua and we had a taste of each. A first for me especially the Paua, but very yummy.

Weta Cave Troll

Weta Cave Troll

Then in the afternoon, another activity on our “must do” tourist list. A tour of the Weta Cave film production workshops. The tour is only about 45 minutes long and is just a small snapshot of the work involved in making the models, weapons, costumes etc for big blockbuster movies. But our tour guide, who normally is in charge of hair and make-up, was a larger than life character and absolutely fascinating. Full of amazing and hilarious anecdotes. Great fun.

We ended the day with Chris taking us on a tour of the beach road overlooking Wellington harbour and Bays. Wellington is set in just the most amazing scenery with a lovey waterfront and hills behind. Sadly slightly obscured by rain and mist today.