Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands

Anne here again…

Wednesday today.

And we have dodged heavy rain showers all day. But the scenery on State Highway One through Northland was absolutely spectacular. Far more hills and scoria cones (we think) – whatever a scoria cone is (I married a geologist) – than I expected.

And now we are sat in the loveliest apartment,  with the most spectacular views of the Bay of Islands, with balcony doors open listening to waves crashing gently on the beach.

And the best bit…We are here for three nights.


Whangarei Falls

Rain Delayed Play

Anne here…

Okay, so our holiday got slightly put on hold for a day and a half. But there was also widespread flooding and general chaos so our thoughts are with the local inhabitants who were affected more than us.

Whangarei Town Basin

Whangarei Town Basin

The photo here is Whangarei Town Basin in the rain. We coped by having coffee and cake. It’s a hard life being on holiday. Lol.

The up side of the rain was that Whangarei waterfall (at the top of this post) was totally spectacular. It’s right on the edge of the town and literally two minutes walk from the car park. But it is one of the most dramatic waterfalls I have ever seen. I was amazed and slightly mesmerised by it.

Yachts in Viaduct Basin

Let the holiday begin: In Auckland

Anne here.

So exciting to see a bit of Auckland again. We keep saying to each other “do you remember this from last time?”

Although in truth we will only see a very small part of Auckland again.

Now bear with me I’m going to be very British and talk about the weather. The forecast was very dramatic – thunderbolts, lightening, cyclone strength winds. But it didn’t get as far as Auckland.

Auckland Sky Tower

Auckland Sky Tower

Instead, after a foggy,  very humid start, we got brilliant blue skies, glorious sunshine and sparkling blue water in the harbour. Perfect holiday weather.

But it was so different to the forecast, all the locals were talking about the weather all day. We felt right at home 🙂
So after walking down the main shopping street, we spent most of our time just wandering around the harbour looking at the boats and enjoying the sunshine.
Followed by the most idyllic leisurely lunch.
Oh yes, and then there was the cannon …!